Principles of Advertising


What is advertising?

* The introduction of non-personal communication and presentation of products or services through the receipt of fund from profit or non-profit organizations or individuals who have been identified in the message.
* Announcing the opinions or desires to obtain specific information desired.
* A set of professional knowledge, skills and expertise in the use of science and technology and various tools based on professional principles to convey a message to an audience.
* Stimulate demand for a product or service by creating a conducive atmosphere for goods via media which pay money by the producer or seller.

• advertising purposes :

A – Announcing to the  to consumers or potential customers
B- Promote or encourage consumers to use a specific product
C- remind past clients
D- Create popularity for goods or Agency

• Effects of Advertising

1. Training
2. Job creation
3 . Sales Increase
4. Improvement of productive practices
5. Generation of healthy competition
6. Improvement of Packaging
7. Production Increase
8. Development of trade
9. Equilibrium of  prices

• The basic steps in the advertising activity

1 -full knowledge goods
2- Understanding the customer
3- Identification of reference groups
4- Get the Environmental information
5- Estimation of potential customers
6-Estimation of the amount of sales
7- Selection of media
8- Advertising production
9- Performance of ads
10- Quality control of performance
11- The study of effectiveness of advertising
12- Repetition of activity

The required information for each advertising project

1. Who is the buyer consumer or customer of product or services?
2.  What is the largest buyer group?
3. What are the potential customers?
4. What are the criteria of the market segmentation?
5. What motivations can be created in the customer?
6. What characteristics are important in the product?
7. What changes in customers' needs are being done?
8. Does customers satisfy from current goods and services?
9. Which problems do the customers have?
10. What percentage of the market is concerned?
11. What is the combined market share?
12. Who is the leading of the market?
13. What is the message, quality of product or services of the competitor?
14. What kind of customer can we find?
15. What lifestyle changes can be created?
16. How are the period of advertisement, time and location of media?
17. How can set advertising budget and how much is it?

Types of advertising

1-Catalogues, brochures, booklets
2-Signs and billboards in highway, squares and streets
3-Radio and TV ads in global and local network
4-Posters and Maps Help
5- Press ads in national and local newspapers and magazines
6- email
7- Advertising on bus bodies
8- Screens
9- Advertising in the subway station on wagon body
10- Advertising in stadiums
11- Exhibitions
12- Shop boards
13- Banner
14-  installed  boards in airport halls
15- Promotional gifts
16- installed advertising design  in  bus station
17- use of experts
18- cinema advertising
19- multimedia CDs
20- Advertising  in malls and shopping centers
21- Web design